Upcoming Honda Civic – The prodigal Son Returns!!

When the eighth generation Honda Civic was launched in India, it called for all automotive enthusiasts’ attention. It was one of those Honda cars that looked distinct and interesting, so much that it etched itself in many car enthusiasts’ memories. Its spaceship-like design combined with its cockpit-like frost cabin is a design that became distinct with the car and recently to the joy of many a Honda fan, Honda announced their new civic that is expected to launch in India in March of 2019. The car has skipped a full generation in India though as we are getting the 10th generation and not the 9th which was never launched in India. That being said the new Civic follows the same aesthetic of the old car with its exterior looking sleek and angular and giving off a very sporty and ready to go vibe.

Honda Civic Price

The Honda Civic price is expected to be between ₹15-23 lakh. The Honda Civic will be offered in 2 variants, petrol and diesel variants. The petrol engine is a 1.8 liter with a CVT automatic, and the diesel is a 1.6-liter manual engine. Its interior also has a similar feel to the old civic, giving the cockpit feel with a digital instrument cluster. The Honda Civic comes with many modern amenities as expected with a modern car of its price range like electronically adjustable seats as well as a full touch screen panel that manages all your navigation and entertainment needs that is compatible with apple car play and android auto as well. The interior has a trim that is made of a soft touch material and even comes with upmarket leather upholstery. A standard sunroof is present in all models of the car with an enormous boot space of 430 liters to hold that extra luggage while one travels so that one might not miss the slightest thing back home.

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The Civic comes with a new safety feature called the lane watch in which a camera placed under left-right ORVMs which activate whenever one indicates which relays a video feed into the touch screen display enhancing the already generous safety suite that Honda offers which includes 6 airbags and ABS braking system and EBD.

Honda Civic Performance

The diesel engine is the same as the one used on the currently existing Honda CR-V producing 118Bhp and 300Nm of torque with an ARAI certified efficiency of 26.82 km/l. The petrol version comes with an engine that produces 139Bhp and 174Nm of torque with an ARAI rated mileage of 16.5 km/l. Honda has specifically tuned the ride quality for Indian roads, not just with the wide 17-inch wheels but also by raising the front end by 20mm and the rear end by 15mm when compared to the old civic.

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